TMB Sanitization Equipment: a complete line of Professional machines
Sanitization which has always been at the forefront of professional cleaning, has gained a prominent position as a fundamental and indispensable element in professional cleaning procedures. To protect the public from pathogens which may be circulating at any given time, traditional cleaning will not be enough. Correct sanitization techniques employing properly authorized disinfectants must be implemented.
TMB manufactures a line of sanitization equipment which mechanize the effective and efficient diffusion and distribution of disinfectant solutions, with models employing a special compressor + pump group, as well as electrostatic spray models, sanitization stations, special air purifying vacuum cleaners and orbital floor machines with floor spray mechanisms.  In a professional cleaning context, they significantly reduce the time allocated for the sanitization and disinfection of contact surfaces and areas. Their proven effectiveness has contributed to making them essential tools in the fight against infection, helping to make this world a cleaner and safer place.

To view all TMB sanitization machines and download the catalog, visit the section “Sanitizers & Special Vacuums”.

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OptiMist: https://youtu.be/SQ-DuP5i_JI
SaniMist: https://youtu.be/lwAQY2vuN64
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