TMB boosts its competitiveness, focusing on the new frontier of orbital single disc machines!
TOR 43, the single disc machine that gave rise to a highly successful product line
It all began with the successful launch of TOR43, the forerunner of the orbital versions that were to follow. TMB developed a model capable of replacing the various versions available on the market today. The result was a single disc machine featuring characteristics particularly appreciated in heavy-duty applications, with the option of using a wealth of accessories for a vast range of different applications on all surface types, such as stoneware, marble, wood, granite, carpet floor and concrete. The machine thus attracted the attention of professionals specialised in treating the various surfaces. After TOR43 came TPO43, a more lightweight machine, again featuring orbital technology, dedicated to the professional cleaning sector. The power and comfort characteristics were adjusted on this version, with the most common applications for professional operators specifically in mind. TPO43 is covered by a number of patents, since it has introduced innovative technical solutions with respect to existing technology. Finally, 2018 saw the introduction of TFO43, positioned midway between the previous two versions. The systems adopted mean that TFO43 is highly versatile and compatible with the wide range of accessories available for all TMB orbital models. A dual-speed version was also made, to enhance performance and finish on granite and wood surfaces.

The advantages of orbital technology
What are the advantages of this particular range, in just a few words? “We can sum up the benefits of orbital technology compared to conventional as ease of use, savings in time and products and lower electrical energy consumption,” explains Mr Giampaolo Ruffo. “By ease of use we mean that any operator can use a TMB orbital without risk to themselves, property or other people. In contrast to conventional single disc machines, orbital technology doesn’t demand particular physical exertion during use. In addition to the obvious advantage of reducing training by 95%, this means that a wide range of accessories can be used for a great variety of applications. TMB orbital movement is not affected by friction produced by the various accessories and allows anyone to proceed with applications that require experienced staff in the case of a conventional single disc machine. Finally, electrical energy consumption is 60% lower compared to a conventional model and remains practically constant in its various applications.”

MICRO TOR and future developments in the Orbital Project
What does the Orbital Project have in store in the immediate future? “We’re finalising the MICRO TOR,” concludes the leader of TMB. “This is an orbital single disc machine of limited dimensions to permit operation in spaces where a standard-sized single disc machine is hard to handle. MICRO TOR is also the ‘laboratory’ for developing a battery-powered version, in the short term, which may also be developed for standard versions in the medium term.”
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