Fast, effortless cleaning operations with the new TP43 ORBITAL by TMB
TMB adds the new TP Orbital to its line of single disc machines. This lightweight professional model is designed to offer the market a unique technological innovation compared to traditional single disc machines. Indeed, orbital models provide greater stability and manoeuvrability during work, even for the most demanding treatments, so no specific training is required and any operator can use them. 
The TP43 ORBITAL is perfect for cleaning professionals because it is versatile in terms of applications and is comfortable to use and transport. A special patented technology reduces vibrations to a minimum for working more comfortably and for a consistent result across the entire surface of the disc. Indeed, the TP43 ORBITAL works with the entire surface of the disc in contact with the floor, increasing the speed of the cleaning operation by 50% and improving the final result of all the applications. It is suitable for all types of flooring, including carpets, parquet, marble and cement, and for the most frequent cleaning applications: scrubbing, heavy duty cleaning, de-waxing, crystallization and cleaning of carpet floors. The scrubbing action is increased, while water and detergent use is reduced and the operation time is decreased. In addition to the wide range of accessories and pads available, additional custom kits have been designed which enable the features of TP Orbital to be exploited to the maximum and special treatments and operations to be performed without problem.
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