The TMB range expands again: the latest news
TMB adds the new TP Orbital to its line of single disc machines. This lightweight professional model is designed to offer cleaning contractors increased technological innovation compared to traditional single disc machines. Indeed, orbital models provide greater stability and manoeuverability during work, even for the most demanding treatments, so no specific training is required and any operator can use them. 
The TP Orbital is perfect for cleaning professionals because it is versatile in applications and is comfortable to use and transport. A special patented technology reduces oscillations to a minimum for working more comfortably and for a consistent result across the entire surface of the disc.  It is perfect for the most frequent cleaning applications: scrubbing, heavy duty cleaning, de-waxing, crystallization and cleaning of carpet floors. In addition to the wide range of accessories and pads available, additional custom kits have been designed which enable the features of TP Orbital to be exploited to the maximum and special treatments and operations to be performed without problem.

The range of vacuum cleaners now includes the TEAM LINE series, which is characterized by a completely new design that is particularly ergonomic and compact, and incorporates a 3-motor head. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with a Shift & Clean system, which takes advantage of the flow of vacuumed air to enable the filter to be cleaned without opening the machine. The tanks are made of stainless steel or plastic with capacities that range from 11 to 50 liters.

The M1003 BAG industrial vacuum cleaner with 3 motors is designed for continuous vacuuming of light dust or production waste. The air intake at the top and the motor compartment at the bottom enable the full capacity of the tank (100 liters) to be used and the machine to operate efficiently without the need for a filter shaker. The transparent polycarbonate lid makes it possible to keep the filling status of the tank under control at all times.

In addition, TMB has introduced a brand new range of trolleys for manual cleaning. These trolleys are robust, stylish and ergonomic and are available in different versions: with a handle at the center or on the side, one bucket or two, or customized to meet more specific needs. The mechanisms subjected to greater stress are made from high-strength acetal resin. A special treatment makes it easy to maintain hygiene, reducing the dirt's ability to adhere to the surface. A special universal wringer with rubber jaws enables improved productivity, wetting the floor less. TMB completes the offer with a wide range of accessories and mops made from various materials such as cotton, TNT and microfiber.
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