The TMB offer for cleaning carpet floors
Cleaning of carpet floors generally requires a combination of two activities: a daily cleaning, where light, dry dirt is vacuumed, and a less frequent but deeper cleaning, which involves periodic scrubbing, to ensure surface hygiene and to remedy situations characterized by more stubborn dirt, stains and sticky residues deposited between the carpet fibers.

For frequent cleaning, TMB offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners suitable for continuous applications and equipped with a number of useful accessories to meet diverse requirements.
Among these, the Piccolo Prime and Dryver 15RE vacuum cleaners, which are both class A certified, are extremely practical and easy to handle, ideal for any environment. The large, fixed rear wheels and the two pivoting front ones provide stability during work, while the 10-meter cable ensures maximum freedom of movement even along corridors or in large rooms. Among the optional accessories available, the HEPA filters provide excellent dust filtration and the return of perfectly clean air into the environment. The Piccolo Prime has a capacity of 13 liters and is equipped with a convenient cable winder and a quick cable replacement system. The 15-liter Dryver 15RE comes with an Energy Saver function, which can decrease power when necessary and as a result lowers noise levels, making this model ideal for use in sensitive environments and at delicate times.

For deeper vacuum cleaning, the BAT15 upright vacuum cleaner is very effective. This model has 2 motors and a 38-cm working width, which enables operations to be carried out in small and medium spaces with optimal performance. The low center of gravity enables maximum stability when working and comfortable, effortless transport of the machine. The brush height can be adjusted in accordance with the surface, using a practical selector. The “cusp shape” rotating bristles combined with vacuum power improve dirt collection efficiency since they move the carpet fibers, enabling deeper penetration. BAT15 is characterized by a 5-stage filtration system: 2 in the bag, 1 on the motor and 2 supplementary. In addition, the use of HEPA filters ensures high-performance dust filtration during both intake and output. A tube with an ergonomic handle, supplied as standard, enables the machine to vacuum dirt even in corners and difficult spots.

It is advisable to periodically clean with a single disc machine, which provides a deeper cleaning of the carpet floor. The TOR43 orbital single disc machine guarantees surprising results with less effort compared to traditional models. Indeed, the orbital movement offers maximum results and improves manoeuverability, making it easy to use by any operator, even those without training.
The most lightweight version of the TOR43 is recommended for cleaning rugs and carpet floors, both with traditional methods and with ionized water. For this application, a Spray Kit for spraying water or detergent solution is available and can be installed on request. Dosing is therefore easier and more controlled, preventing product waste and delayed drying. TOR43 is equipped with specific accessories, such as discs in microfiber and cotton, which are washable and reusable.
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